How Opiner works

We take care of all the boring, complex stuff – alerts, reminders, sending and receiving large files, privacy, GDPR, payments and donations (if offered), transcription and hosting – so you can focus on asking great questions and watching and sharing insightful responses.

Two types of user

  • Client - can create and manage communities, record and send questions, review and approve responses, edit and share highlights
  • Responder - community members who receive questions and responded with video answers via the app


From asking a question to sharing highlights

  1. Asking a question Client, 15 minutes
    • Record a question
    • Send it to individuals in a community (we find 12 responses works best)
  2. Reviewing a question Responder, 3 minutes
    • New question notification via the app
    • Watch the question video
    • If they want to respond they opt in and have until midnight to return a response
    • If they opt out, or don't opt in within 2 hours, the question is sent to the next individual on the waiting list
  3. Responding to a question
    Responder, 5 minutes
    • Select incentive (payment or donation, if offered)
    • Record response video (maximum 3 minute duration)
    • Upload video through the app
  4. Reviewing, approving and sharing responses Client, ~5 minutes per response
    • New responses must be approved before they are displayed on a WonderWall (WonderWalls contain the full question and response videos)
    • The best parts of responses can be marked using Bookmarker
    • Bookmarks can then be sequenced in Playlister to create highlights reels
    • Everything – WonderWalls, responses, bookmarks and playlists – can be shared with one click (no need to upload or transfer cumbersome files)

Question configuration

Response numbers, deadlines, incentives, additional usage rights and response visibility is set on a per question basis.


  • Question 1

    • Reponses: 12
    • Opt in deadline: 2 hours
    • Response deadline: same day (midnight)
    • Incentive: choice of £15 payment or £30 donation
    • Public usage requested: yes
  • Question 2

    • Reponses: 6
    • Opt in deadline: 3 days
    • Response deadline: 2 days (midnight)
    • Incentive: insight sharing
    • Public usage requested: no

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