What is Opiner?

Opiner is a service for curious, creative organisations. It allows them to canvas the opinions of real people — like you.

Our service is unique in two key ways:

  • Video - responses are provided to clients in the form of short video messages
  • Speed - responses are provided in less than 24 hours

What do I have to do?

  1. A client gives us a topic to explore
  2. We create a question and send it to matching responders (you!) via the app
  3. You give your opinion (there are no right or wrong answers) with a short video message (3 mins max)
  4. You get paid!

What's the difference between the Opiner communities?

Our communities are grouped based on the kind of experience they offer:

  • The Street - people who can offer thoughts and opinions based on their personal experiences
  • Brain Trust - people who can draw on professional and commercial expertise to inform their responses.
  • Visionaries - eminent, future-focused people who are all about the 'big picture'. These might be prominent TED speakers, best-selling authors etc. Concerned with where humanity and business is going over the next 10 years and beyond.

Joining Opiner

What kind of people are you looking for?

We are looking for smart, creative thinkers with interesting opinions who aren't afraid to challenge the norm.

Diversity is important to us. We look for demographic, geographic and cognitive diversity across our responders. We strive to find people who think about things differently and can share new and different ideas and perspectives.

I haven't received my email verification request - what should I do?

Check your spam box first in case the message has been filtered by mistake. If it's not there, contact support@opiner.app.

Can I recommend a friend?

Absolutely! Send them a link to the sign-up page: https://opiner.app/Responder/Register.

Recording and submitting your response

What are the requirements for the video?

For your response to be accepted it must meet the following conditions:

  1. Received before the response deadline (midnight for questions asked before midday, midnight tomorrow for questions asked after midday)
  2. Less than 3 minutes in duration
  3. Submitted via the app
  4. Good quality audio and video (see 'How to capture a good response')
  5. Addresses the question (i.e. take it seriously)

Do I need any special equipment to record my video response?

Nope! Just your phone. You don't need any special lighting but it does help if you can record your response somewhere that's well-lit, so we can see you clearly. Natural light or a lamp is fine.

Can I record my video response in a public place?

Sure, as long as it's reasonably quiet and there isn't too much going on in the background that might be distracting (think people moving around, loud noises etc.)

How long does my answer need to be?

Ideally your response should be 2-3 minutes in length. The maximum limit is 3 minutes.

We're looking for quality over quantity, so explain your thoughts and opinions - give examples, tell stories about your experiences etc. but don't feel you absolutely have to fill the 3 minutes!

My response is less than 1 minute - is that enough?

Ideally we'd love for you to expand a little more on your answer. Perhaps you can give an example to demonstrate your thoughts and opinions, or consider alternative views and explain why you disagree with them. You could even tell us about your friends and family's thoughts and opinions.

What if I have a problem uploading my video?

In the event of your response upload failing there will be an option to save your response to your phone. Send us an email at support@opiner.app and we'll be happy to help.

What makes a good response?


  • Good lighting (we need to see you). Avoid being backlit / silhouetted - i.e. don’t stand in front of a bright window.
  • Avoid too much camera shake. A little movement is fine. It’s ok to hold the phone but you might want to prop your phone up, use a selfie stick or a tripod.
  • Look into the camera, smile and don’t apply any filters or effects.
  • Distance from camera? About 3 feet works best. We only need to see your face.


Good quality sound is essential. Avoid noisy places when recording your response and please speak up.

Setting / Location

If possible try and film in your own home rather than your place of work or on public transport.

Take a pause and just be you

When you receive a question please take a moment to mull it over - this isn’t a race. Then share your thoughts as you would if you were having a conversation with a friend.

Remember there is no right or wrong answer; all opinions are valuable. In fact we are not really looking for an answer per se; what we really want is your opinion - so we can present a diverse range of thoughts.

Don’t worry about ums and ahs, and pauses at the start and end of the recording - we will cut these out. And if you completely fluff just redo it.

Levity and humour is fine, but so too is real world experience. Have fun. Just be you.

How should I structure my response?

Part 1 - "You"

  • First name (not family name)
  • Approximate location
  • Example: "Hi, I’m Duncan from Putney"
  • Approx duration: 5 seconds

Part 2 - "Topic"

  • Summarise the question or topic. This doesn't need to be exact or exhaustive; just a few words so we know what topic your response relates to.
  • Example: "What do I think about cruises?"
  • Approx duration: 20 seconds

Part 3 - "Your opinion"

  • Share your thoughts and opinions
  • Example: "When I think about cruise holidays…"
  • Approx duration: 60-120 seconds

Receiving questions

How do I know if I have a new question?

We'll send you a notification when we upload a new question. You can then choose to accept the question and record your response, or skip it so we can pass it along to someone else.

How many questions will I receive?

We aim to send you around 3-4 questions a month. If you don't have time to answer all of the questions, don't worry - just choose 'skip this question' for any you can't answer.

Why am I not receiving (m)any questions?

Opiner is currently in the beta phase, which means we are currently still developing and growing our Client base and responder communities. During this time you may get fewer questions per month. Please bear with us - we hope to be able to offer you more questions very soon!

What if I don't feel comfortable answering the question?

No problem! Just select 'Skip this question'.

If you'd like to give us some feedback on the question, get in touch with us at support@opiner.app. We're always interested to know how we can make our questions better.

Deadlines and commitment

When do you send out the questions?

Questions are sent out between 9am-5pm Monday-Friday. Where possible we will send opt in requests between 8am-10am. We won't send you questions in the evenings or at weekends.

How long do I have to opt in or out of the question?

You have 2 hours to opt in or out of a question. If you can't or don't want to answer the question, please select 'Skip this question' so we can ask the next person on the list.

What's the deadline for submitting my response?

The deadlines are outlined below. Late submissions will be discounted and you won’t be paid.

Opt in request sent (aka Question) Response Deadline
Before midday Midnight the same day
After midday Midnight the next day

I'm too busy to answer the latest question. Can I skip it?

Yes of course! We understand you're busy and sometimes life gets in the way. Just click 'Skip this question' in the app so we can offer it to the next person.

Can I have more time to answer?

Our clients come to us because they're looking for valuable insight with a super fast turnaround. So unfortunately we can't offer time extensions.

We regularly publish new questions, so just skip this one (select 'Skip this question') and we should have a new one for you soon!

What happens if I miss the deadline?

If you miss the deadline you wont be able to submit a response and we won't be able to pay you. If you think you won't be able to submit your response in time, please let us know by selecting 'Skip this question' so we can offer it to someone else.

What happens if I miss too many questions?

If you don’t respond to two consecutive questions, and if we don’t hear from you, we will assume you’ve ghosted us and we won’t send you further questions.

Can I take a break for a bit?

Absolutely! Just drop us an email at support@opiner.app and we will pause your account. When you want to come back, all you need to do is email us again.

What if I don't want to be a responder any more?

We're sorry to hear that! Send us an email at support@opiner.app and we'll remove you from our system.

If you have any feedback you'd like to give us about why Opiner wasn't for you, we'd love to hear it.

Payment and good causes

How much do I get paid for my response?

The pay rates for each community are outlined below. The hourly rates assume each response takes 5 minutes to record and submit.

Payment The Street Brain Trust Visionary
Time commitment 5 mins 5 mins 5 mins
Payment per question £15 £30 £60
Equivalent hourly rate £180 £360 £720
Donate to a good cause The Street Brain Trust Visionary
Time commitment 5 mins 5 mins 5 mins
Your donation £15 £30 £60
Our donation £15 £30 £60
Total donation per question £30 £60 £120
Equivalent hourly rate £360 £720 £1,440

How much can I earn?

  • You will typically receive 3-4 questions a month.
  • This amount can go up or down depending on the number of questions we receive. We make no guarantees.
  • The table below shows how much you could earn:
Estimated monthly earnings Street Brain Trust Visionary
Total time commitment 15 - 20 mins 15 - 20 mins 15 - 20 mins
Payment received £45 - £60 £120 - £150 £180 - £240
Donating to a good cause (including our portion) £90 - £120 £240 - £300 £360 - £480

How do I get paid?

  • You will be paid by online bank transfer.
  • We endeavour to pay for successful responses within 24 hours. Sometimes weekends and holidays can push things back a little but we will keep you updated.

What if I don’t get paid within 24 hours?

Contact support@opiner.app and we'll make sure we get the issue sorted for you.

Do I have to donate to a good cause every time?

Not at all. You can choose on a question by question basis whether you want to be paid or donate your fee. We give you the option to choose each time before you record your response.

How do you choose your 'good cause' organisations?

Opiner is passionate about being a business for good, and so we choose to partner with other like-minded organisations who share similar values and missions.

We work with social enterprises who want to bring about positive change in the world, across a range of issues such as the environment, social equality, and sustainable business.

Can I suggest a good cause?

Please do! If you have an organisation in mind who you think we should support, email us at support@opiner.app. We'd love to hear your suggestions.

I don't like any of the good causes listed. What are the other options?

We're sorry to hear that - we try to achieve a balanced mix of good causes and ensure there is something for everyone. If there's a particular cause you really care about, drop us an email at support@opiner.app - we might be able to include it in the future. Alternatively you could consider donating your fee to your chosen charity or good cause individually.

How we handle your data

What information do clients see?

Clients see your first name, location, rough age (we use 5 year age brackets), your profile picture and your video response. We do not share your surname or contact details with clients. You can read more here: https://opiner.app/Home/Privacy

How are my video responses used?

Clients might use your responses as inspiration for internal brainstorms, or to add clout when pitching a new idea or direction to other people in their company.

Are the videos public?

No. Our clients are only allowed to use your video responses internally. They are not allowed to share them publicly or post them on their social media channels. You can see more information here https://opiner.app/Home/Privacy

Getting in touch

I have a question. How do I contact you?

Just email us at support@opiner.app and one of the Community Team will be happy to help.

I would like to give you some feedback. How do I do this?

We're always open to hearing your feedback. Drop us a line at support@opiner.app and let us know your thoughts!