Creating your own community is too complex? Not any more.

Communities without limits

Everything begins with amazing individuals.

Don't settle for stale 'off the peg' groups of randoms. Instead create a community that is perfect for your unique requirements.

Build teams of external or internal individuals, or a mix of both.

No limits

Create unlimited numbers of communities for events, one-off high intensity projects, or lower intensity on-going engagements.

Yours and yours alone

The communities your create and the individuals you recruit are private; only you have access to their insight and expertise. Think of them as your secret super power – partners, not data points.

Adminland - manage community

Example community sign-up page and community management page in Adminland.

Building a community in 3 simple steps

  • 1. Create

    Each community has its own sign-up page detailing the 'what, why and how', bespoke copyright and privacy policy and invitation code.

    It takes 15 minutes to create a community sign-up page.

  • 2. Invite

    Share the sign-up page with anyone you want to join. Interested individuals install the app, enter the invite code and answer the welcome question.

    It takes just 3 minutes to join a community.

  • 3. Approve

    Watch the welcome question responses and then approve, wait-list or reject applicants.

    Reviewing and approving applicants in seconds.

No time to build your own community?

No problem. We can recruit and manage a community for you.

Alternatively put your question to one of our pre-built communities of experts and outliers: The Street or Brain Trust.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.