Fair incentives and rewards

You are asking responders to give up 10 minutes of their time to submit a 3 minute response and to put their opinions out there.

What is a fair reward?

Choose a combination of 4 possible incentives:

  • Participation – more often than not people are simply happy to be involved, heard and valued and to help shape outcomes
  • Insights sharing – allow responders to see each other's responses. Early access to raw opinion is often highly valued, especially in communities of professionals
  • Donation – make a donation, on behalf of the responder, for each response
  • Payment – pay for each response

You can change the payment and donation amounts on a question by question basis.

Equivalent hourly rates

Example incentive amounts and equivalent hourly rates
Incentive Equivalent hourly rate1
£5.00 £30.00
£10.00 £60.00
£15.00 £90.00
£30.00 £180.00

1Equivalent hourly rates calculated as 6x the question incentive. Based on the fact it takes a responder, on average, 10 minutes to submit a response (5 minutes to watch the question and plan a their response, 3 minutes to record and 2 minutes to upload and submit).