Get video from those who don't normally give it, seen by those who normally wouldn't see it.

Why video?

Video drives change.

Video engages like nothing else with its combination of insight and emotion. Video makes people lean in, it makes people care, it excites and it inspires.

Use Opiner to complement your traditional, data-driven activities.

Venn diagram: insight combined with emotion delivers change.

Made with Opiner



  • Ask questions
  • Share highlights
  • Inspire
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Video is hard Video is easy

Conventional vs. Opiner

Video is hard to get

People are busy, they see little in return for their efforts and they worry about the risk of misrepresentation or criticism. As result they don't engage and you miss out on important input.

Video is easy to get with Opiner

  • The Opiner app allows responders to opt-in in seconds and record a video from their device at a time that suits them
  • Responders are part of a valued community that receive ongoing feedback and rewards. Your community will want to give you their thoughts and be part of the solution
  • Opiner provides a secure, private environment where videos cannot be shared without prior consent

Video is hard to process

Complex software and specialist skills are required to review responses and edit together highlights. This is expensive and slow.

Video is easy to process with Opiner

With Opiner tagging and editing is done in the browser. It takes just minutes; no downloading or complex software required.

Video is hard to share

The challenges of big files, third-party hosting, access issues and the time constraints of busy people all act as blockers.

Video is easy to share

With Opiner questions, responses and highlights are automatically collated in a single WonderWall (optimised for mobile and desktop) that can be, with full access controls, shared with one-click.

Save 90%

Achieve in minutes what previously took days

Intuitive tools and efficient workflows enable you to ask a question, process responses and share highlights 90% faster than conventional methods.

Benefits? Reduce budgets by 90%, or 10x your research for the same cost.

Achieve in just 2 hours what previously took 5 days.

Video for all stages

Anyone in any part of any organisation can produce video insights at any stage. Use Opiner throughout a project's lifecycle; from discovery to problem solving and delivery. View more use cases.

See, Do, Be process cycle.
Where and when
See(Research) Do(Design) Be(Delivery)
  • Explore
  • Understand
  • Empathize
  • Co-create
  • Validate
  • Iterate
  • Share
  • Inspire
  • Align

Communities without limits

Creating your own community is too complex? Not any more.

Everything begins with amazing individuals.

Don't settle for stale 'off the peg' groups of randoms. Instead create a community that is perfect for your unique requirements.

Build teams of external or internal individuals, or a mix of both.

No limits

Create unlimited numbers of communities for events, one-off high intensity projects, or lower intensity on-going engagements.

Yours and yours alone

The communities your create and the individuals you recruit are private; only you have access to their insight and expertise. Think of them as your secret super power – partners, not data points.

Adminland - manage community

Example community sign-up page and community page in Adminland.

4 ways to incentivise participation

When creating a community the first question to address is 'Why should I join - what is in it for me?'

You're asking responders to give up 10 minutes of their time to submit a 3 minute response and to put their opinions out there.

Incentive options

Choose a combination of 4 possible incentives:

  • Participation – more often than not people are simply happy to be involved, heard and valued and to help shape outcomes and be part of the solution
  • Insights sharing – allow responders to see each others response. Raw opinion is highly valued, especially in communities of professionals
  • Donation – offer to make a donation to a cause(s) you nominated for each response*
  • Payment – payment for each response*

*You specify the payment and donation amounts on a question by question basis. As a guide at Opiner we offer our communities a choice of £15 or a donation of £30 for their 3 minute response. This equates to a rate of £90 / £180 per hour.

Building a community in 3 simple steps

  • 1. Create

    Each community has its own sign-up page detailing the 'what, why and how', bespoke copyright and privacy policy and invitation code.

    It takes 15 minutes to create a community sign-up page.

  • 2. Invite

    Share the sign-up page with anyone you want to join. Interested individuals install the app, enter the invite code and answer the welcome question.

    It takes just 3 minutes to join a community.

  • 3. Approve

    Watch the welcome question responses and then approve, waitlist or reject applicants.

    Reviewing and approving applicants in seconds.

No time to build your own community?

No problem. We can recruit and manage a community for you.

Alternatively put your question to one of our pre-built communities of experts and outliers: The Street or Brain Trust.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

One-stop shop

Your self-serve, end-to-end solution for community management and insight sharing.

Opiner's tech suite - app, Adminland, WonderWalls

The three pillars of the Opiner platform: Responder App, Adminland and WonderWall.

Opiner responder app.

Responder app

Put questions to and receive responses from your community.


  • Native app - iOS (new window) and Android (new window)
  • Question distribution
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Opt in / out
  • Response submission (inc. compression)
  • Incentive selection
  • Insight sharing*
  • Account and profile management
Available on App Store Available on Google Play


Quickly and easily mark the best sections of a response for sharing.

bookmarks are linked to individual authors and departments to enable quick and easy filtering in Playlister.

Example: your sales team can mark clips relevant to a pitch and your research team can identify clips relating to a client project.



Select and sequence bookmarks previously created (in Bookmarker) to create a playlist. It's as simple as ordering slides in PowerPoint with drag and drop.

Create infinite numbers of playlists from the same core bookmarks.

Possible playlists for different scenarios
  • Short and punchy for busy leadership teams (what)
  • Emotionally rich for engagement (why)
  • Insight led for solutions (how)

Privacy, security and simplicity

Privacy, security and simplicity are the three pillars against which all elements of the Opiner platform are measured.

Opiner removes the legal and governance hurdles that prevent organisations from utilising video insight.

Included as standard

  • GDPR compliant
  • All data held in UK
  • Banking grade infrastructure (Microsoft Azure)
  • Ethical – transparency and fair rewards for participation
  • Secure (encrypted) in-app payment options
  • Accessible – built on GDS frontend and service design principles
  • One-click usage rights and copyright agreements
  • UK support team (telephone and online)

Use cases


  • Citizen engagement
  • Participatory research
  • User research
  • Discovery sessions
  • Ethnographic studies
  • Field reports
  • Diary studies
  • Empathy building
  • End user surveys
  • Focus groups
  • Spotting sessions
  • Stakeholder interviews


  • User centred design
  • Co-design
  • Co-creation
  • Co-production
  • Workshops
  • Brainstorming
  • Iteration
  • End user testing
  • Validating
  • Design critiques
  • Peer review / evaluation
  • Pitching (internal, external)
  • Presentations


  • Vision setting
  • Project premortems
  • Business benefits analysis
  • Risk radar (RAID)
  • SWOT analysis
  • Impact assessments
  • Proposal evidence
  • SoW shaping
  • Project kick-offs
  • Programme updates
  • Continuous improvement
  • Sprint retros
  • Project postmortems


  • Communication
  • Storytelling
  • Advisory panels
  • Shadow boards
  • Events
  • Conferences
  • Presenter introductions
  • Audience question
  • Meet the team
  • Team collaboration
  • Round tables
  • Team feedback
  • Training
  • Appraisals
  • Marketing
  • Podcasts
  • Video rough cuts
  • Sales


  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Local Government
  • Finance
  • Design
  • Research
  • Consultancy
  • Journalism
  • Events / conferences
  • Professional networks / industry bodies
  • Project / programme delivery


  • Public
  • Private
  • Third / Charity

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