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Cognitive diversity on speed-dial

Opiner is a video research platform like no other. It puts people at the centre of problem solving and perfectly compliments traditional, data-driven processes.

Use the power of your community, or tap into ours, to discover, design and disrupt with agility.

Video is awesome.
But video is hard…
Hard to get,
Hard to process,
Hard to share.

Good news; we've fixed this. 🤛

The Opiner app (available on both the App Store and Google Play) is the easiest and fastest way to do amazing video research.

Alerts, reminders, usage consent, payments and donations, profile management and video compression all in one neat, little package.

Discovery Suite

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Question Manager + Bookmarker + Playlister

Three amazingly intuitive tools for teams across your entire organisation to effortlessly create questions, analyse responses and share insight clipsin as little as 24 hours.

1. Create and target

Create questions, select audiences (yours or ours), set deadlines and issue invitations with Question Manager.

Responders are alerted of new questions 8:00-17:00 Monday-Friday. They typically have two hours to watch the question and opt in and until midnight to respond.

If you ask a question today you'll have a wall of responses the next business day.

2. Analyse and process

Review responses in your password-protected WonderWall (perfect for group presentations). Effortlessly mine individual response videos for gold with Bookmarker.

Distribute specific responses across your team, making use of 'time shifter' for faster than real-time processing.

3. Share

Create unlimited highlight reels in seconds with Playlister and share with one click.

No video editing required

Filter bookmarks by type, author, department and sentiment then simply 'drag and drop' to create a playlist – no video editing skills required.

A playlist for each and every occasion

Generate unlimited numbers of bespoke playlists from the same pool of bookmarks. Need a reel full of emotion for a presentation? Easy. Want to pull out actionable insight for a product briefing? No problem.

Looking to dive deeper?

Unlike traditional linear video when you see a clip in an Opiner playlist you'd like to explore further simply click to view the full, unedited response on the parent WonderWall.

10x faster

Using traditional research, analysis, editing and processes it takes an average of 30 hours to produce a video highlights reel. With Opiner it takes less than two hours*.

*And with Opiner you get a ton of extra diversity as standard (cognitive, demographic, ethnographic and geographic). 👌

Seeing is believing

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Opiner Collaborate

Unleash the power of your network

Bring or build your own community with Community Manager. Opiner for Networks (O4N) comes with full access to Discovery Suite – meaning you've a complete self-serve insight platform at your fingertips.

Community Manager screenshot

Community Manager

  • Manage your branded community sign-up page
  • Create sub-communities (unlimited)
  • Review and approve community membership applications
  • Issue practice questions
  • View engagement reports and real-time analytics
  • Manage causes / charities your organisation supports
  • Set global response remumeration rates (none, payment, donation)
  • Control usage rights
  • Create Editors (for Bookmarker and Playlister)
  • Manage access rights to WonderWalls and Playlists

Opiner Innovate

On-demand extraordinary experience and expertise.

If you're looking for average you're in the wrong place. We've inverted the standard distribution curve by actively recruiting outliers and mavericks – agents of change. Put a question to one or all of these communities to bring some outside thinking into your organisation.

The Street community logo

The Street

Real world experience.

  • Voice for the customer
  • Empathy building
  • Human imperative
  • Add Emotion
Brain Trust community logo

Brain Trust

Maverick expertise.

  • Business & Entrepreneurship
  • Design & Creative Thinking
  • Communication & Human Behaviour
  • Tech & Data
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See the big picture.

  • Authors
  • Speakers
  • Disruptors
  • Change makers

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