Campaign calculator Outputs and incentive charge estimates

How many questions will you ask?
How many responses per question do you want?

Financial incentive options

Your responders can choose between…

How much will you pay per response?*

£0:00 per responses equates to £0.00 per hour.

How much will you donate per response?*

£0:00 per responses equates to £0.00 per hour.

*Enter 0 to remove this option.



  • Questions: 0
  • Responses: 0
  • Video: 0 mins (approx)
  • Unique individuals: 0 (estimate)


£0.00 - £0.00

Why the range? Because a choice of payment or donation is being offered as an incentive, and we don't know how many responders will choose each option, a min/max charge range is displayed.

If all responders are paid


We handle paying responders – saving you time and hassle. Includes 10% processing fee (£0.00).

If all responders donate


We report donation amounts and you make the donation.

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