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Opiner puts you in control with video and community engagement, allowing you to drive your own journey. No need for external support or expensive third-party services—unlock the potential to accomplish incredible things independently.

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Unlock the full potential of video to achieve supporter engagement across every aspect of your charity's activities, including fundraising, communications, marketing, and operations.

Fundraising campaigns

Produce video content for fundraising campaigns, clearly communicating the purpose and urgency of the cause. Develop emotionally resonant videos that inspire empathy and motivate viewers to contribute. Provide a behind-the-scenes look at how donations are used to make a difference.

Mission and impact videos

Create compelling videos that showcase the mission and values of the charity. Highlight the impact of the charity's programs and services through success stories and testimonials. Use interviews to demonstrate the positive changes brought about by donor contributions.

Event promotion

Capture interviews with individuals or families benefiting from the charity's programs. Allow beneficiaries to share their stories, discuss the changes in their lives, and express gratitude to donors.

Interviews with beneficiaries

Create informative videos to raise awareness about the social issues your charity addresses. Explain complex topics related to your cause, helping your audience better understand the challenges and solutions.

Educational content

Create informative videos to raise awareness about the social issues your charity addresses.Explain complex topics related to your cause, helping your audience better understand the challenges and solutions.

Volunteer recruitment

Showcase the impact of volunteering by featuring volunteers in action. Create videos that highlight the benefits of volunteering and how individuals can get involved.

Community engagement

Use video to connect with your community, share updates, and express gratitude for their support. Host virtual events, webinars, or town hall meetings through video to maintain engagement.

Social media

Develop short, shareable videos for social media platforms to maximize reach. Leverage live video features for real-time interaction with your audience during events or campaigns.

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How Opiner works

  • You put a question to members of your community (bring or build your own)
  • They watch the video and opt-in
  • They record their 3 minute response*
  • In a browser you mark the best bits and share highlights
  • Amazing things happen

Video drives action

Video engages like nothing else with its combination of insight and emotion. Video makes people lean in, it makes people care, it excites and it inspires.

Use Opiner to complement your charity's traditional marketing and fundraising activities.

Venn diagram: insight combined with emotion delivers change.

Peace of mind

Opiner removes the legal and governance hurdles preventing charities from utilising video.

Included as standard

  • GDPR compliant
  • All data held in UK
  • Banking grade infrastructure (Microsoft Azure)
  • Ethical – transparency and fair rewards for participation
  • Secure (encrypted) in-app payment options
  • Accessible – built on GDS frontend and service design principles
  • One-click usage rights and copyright agreements
  • UK support team (telephone and online)


We understand the financial constraints charities often face. That's why we offer flexible pricing plans starting at just £99 per month tailored to your charity's size and goals.

No hidden fees, no surprises, cancel at anytime - just transparent and affordable solutions to help you achieve your mission.

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