Product suite

Your self-serve, end-to-end solution for insight capture, analysis, co-production and engagement.

Complimentary components

  1. Responder app - put question to your community
  2. Adminland - manage your community and questions
  3. Bookmarker and Playlister - analyse and create highlights
  4. WonderWalls and Playlists - engage and share

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Opiner responder app.

Responder app

Put questions to and receive responses from your community.


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Quickly and easily mark the best sections of a response for sharing.

Bookmarks are linked to authors and departments to enable quick and easy filtering in Playlister.

Scenario: your sales team can mark clips relevant to a pitch and your research team can identify clips relating to a client project.



Playlists capture the attention of busy people.

Select and sequence previously created bookmarks to create a playlist. It's as simple as ordering slides in PowerPoint with drag and drop.

Create infinite numbers of playlists from the same core bookmarks.

Example playlist scenarios
  • Short and punchy for busy leadership teams (what)
  • Emotionally rich for engagement (why)
  • Insight led for solutions (how)